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Lesson : Series and Parallel Circuits Exercises

Before you dive into the multiples exercises, you can find a cheat sheet for Ohm’s law, Power law, series and parallel circuit at this page. This will be useful to solve the exercises.

Exercise 1: 

Find V_{1}, V_{2}, V_{3}, R_{2} and the resistance of the equivalent circuit (Req). Calculate the power dissipate for every resistors and the total power dissipate by this circuit.

Exercise 1 : Series circuit

V_{1}: Volt  

V_{2}: Volt  

V_{3}: Volt  

R_{2}: Ohms  

Req: Ohms  

P_{1}: Watt  

P_{2}: Watt  

P_{3}: Watt  

P_{tot}: Watt  

Exercise 2: 

Find R_{2}, I_{1}, I_{3}, I_{tot} and the resistance of the equivalent circuit Req.

Exercise 2 : Parallel circuit

R_{2}: Ohms  

I_{1}: Ampere  

I_{3}: Ampere  

I_{tot}: Ampere  

Req: Ohms  
For Req, keep two digits after the decimal point.

You now have completed the Chapter 1 of Learn Electronics. In the next chapter, we will continue with series and parallel circuits but we will mix them together. We will also discuss about Kirchhoff’s laws and the voltage divider. Like this chapter, you will have examples and exercise at the end of the chapter.